Monday, April 24, 2017

What the mailman brought me today

Lovely photo of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall by Arthur Edwards

Sophie de Roumanie - Bucharest exhibit

HRH Princess Sophie of Romania is a talented, nay, a gifted photographer.  She specializes in Breton landscapes, as Brittany is her neighorbhood.

In the photographic world, she is Sophie de Roumanie, an award-winning photographer.

After a successful exhibit (with sales going to charity), Sophie is about to stage her first exhibit in Bucharest.

The show runs in Bucharest from April 26 through May 10, in the lobby of the Bucharest National Theatre.  The show will travel to Isai at the end of May, and will run for another month.

Bucharest is a lovely city to visit, and this is the perfect time to go to see an exhibit of superb photographs.  You won't regret it.

Death notice for Baron Niclas Silfverschiold

Baron Niclas Silfverschiold's funeral will held on May 11th.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Prince Heinrich of Bavaria marries Henriette Gruse

Prince Heinrich of Bavaria married Henrietta Gruse  at Kloster Andechs earlier today.  Heinrich, 31, is the second son of Prince Luitpold and Princess Beatrix of Bavaria.

Thanks to Gabi Piesiur for allowing me to use a selection of her photos.  She is the copyright holder.

The two women are the Duchess of Braganza and the Countess Elisabeth of Toerring Jettenbach

Princess Anastasia of Croy with her father, the Duke of Croy.  Prince Heinrich of Croy.

The Prince and Princess of Ligne

Princess Anna and Prine Manuel of Bavaria, Princess Ursula of Bavaria,  Princess Felipa of Bavaria with her husband, Christian Dienst.  Princess Felipa is expecting her third child.

The Duke in Bavaria with his daughter, Duchess Elizabeth and her husband, Daniel Terberger

The bride arrives

Brothers-in-law Prince Lukas of Auersperg with his son, Prince Ludwig, and Prince Ferdinand of Lippe-Weissenfeld with his younger son, Prince Carl Philipp.  Their wives, Princesses Alice and Auguste are sisters of the groom.

Duke of Bavaria and Duchess of Braganza

Prince Konstantin of Bavaria and his girlfriend

The Duke of Croy (right)

Prince Ludwig of Bavaria

Friday, April 21, 2017

Just added to my collection

New postcards for my collection

HRH Princess Maria del Pilar Eulalia Antonia Isabella Ludovika Franziska Josepha Rita Euphrasia of Bavaria (March 13-1897-January 29, 1987) was the only daughter of Prince Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria and Infanta Maria de la Paz of Spain.

Pilar never married.  She served as President of the German Red Cross for 40 years.  She co-wrote several books including  Every Inch a King, biography of her cousin, King Alfonso XIII.

Princess Ida Reuss (September 4, 1891-March 29, 1977) m Prince Christoph Martin of Stolberg-Rossla on November 7, 1911.  Christoph was the 5th of eight children of Botho, the Prince of Stolberg-Rossla, who was married twice.  His first wife, Countess Marie von Arnim died in March 1880 nearly two weeks after giving birth to a daughter, Marie.  Three years later, Both married Princess Hedwig zu Isenberg.

Christoph was born on April 1, 1888 and died on February 27, 1949.  He was the second son of Botho, who died in 1893, and was succeeded by his first son, Jost Christian, who was killed in action in 1916.

The couple had four children, Caroline Christine (1912-1996), Heinrich Botho (1914-1974),  Johann Martin (1917-1982), who succeeded his father in 1949, and Marie Elisabeth (1921-1975)

Caroline Christine was married twice.  Her first marriage to Hans Albrecht von Boltenstern took place at Rossla in 1935. He was killed in action in 1940.  She married again in 1944 to Baron Wilhard von Eberstein.     She had two daughters, Ruth Ingrid (1937) and Gisela (1938) by her first husband.  Her second marriage was childless.

Johann Martin's marriage to Hildegard Sauerbier was childless.  The male line is now extinct.

Marie Elisabeth married Prince Wilhelm of Schönburg-Waldenburg in 1939. He was killed in action in 1944.  They had two sons: Ulrich (1940) and Wolf (1943).

Wilhelm Ernst, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach  (1876-1923) was married twice.. His first marriage (1903) was to Princess Karoline Reuss (1884-1905).  Karoline was Princess Ida's sister.

In 1910, he married Princess Feodore of Saxe-Meiningen ()1890-1972).  They had four children:  Sophie (1911-1888) who married Friedrich Gunther, Prince of Schwarzburg (1901-1971); Carl-August (1912-1988), who married Baroness Elisabeth von Wangenheim-Winterstein (1912-2010); Bernhard (1917-1986) who married Princess Felicitas of Salm-Horstmar, and Georg (1921-2011.)  Georg renounced his rights and titles in 1953, and took the name Jörg Brena.

The present head of the Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach is Carl-August's son,  Michael (146) who has one daughter, Princess Leonie.  The succession will pass to Bernhard's son Wilhelm (1946) and his only son, Georg-Constantin (1977).

King Paul takes the oath of office

April 21, 1947

King Paul formally took the office today as the sixth King of Greece, reports the Associated Press.  In his speech he said guerrillas whose end their resistance to the Greek government would be received "as a father receives his repentant child."

The King stood before Parliament and "repeated the oath," administered by the former Regent, Archbishop Damaskinos.  A 101-gun salute follow took place during the ceremony.

When the 46-year-old king entered the chamber,  members of Parliament gave him a "tumultuous welcome that surpassed even the reception given to his brother, the late George II," following the latter's return to the throne last fall from "wartime exile."

King Paul's wife, Queen Frederika, clad in a black gown, stood by his side.

Princess Margarete identifies Hessian jewels

April 21, 1947

The elderly, Landgravine Margarete of Hesse, was called today as a witness by the defense today in the "reopened" trial of Col. Jack W. Durant of Chicago.

Durant has been accused of complicity in the theft of $1,500,000 Hesse jewel collection, stolen eighteen months ago, reports the New York Times.

The defense attempted to show that the Landgravine, born Princess Margarete of Prussia, a granddaughter, was not able to "identify properly certain items of jewelry."

The Landgravine "tapped her foot" while the prosecution charged she was "being harassed by the defense."   Her response was tart: "You don't see pieces of jewelry like this every day, and I know they are ours."

The defense lost an attempt to have the Landgravine's previous testimony identifying the jewelry, "stricken from the record."

The Landgravine will celebrate her 70th birthday tomorrow.

Princess Elizabeth's first official engagement - a success

April 21, 1942

Princess Elizabeth, who celebrates her 16th birthday today, carried out her first official engagement, when she "reviewed the Grenadier Guards, of which she is colonel in chief."

The Princess, heiress presumptive to the British throne, has emerged as a "public figure," and has left her childhood behind.  In the "space of those few minutes," as the Princess reviewed the Guards," she, according to the New York Times, "assumed the role of a future ruler of Britain."

Britain is now "facing another time of crisis," and has found a "new symbol in the person of the Princess."  Her name, Elizabeth, "carries the deepest significance in this historically minded nation."

She showed not even the "slightest sign of nervousness," at her debut.   She walked around the parade grounds at Windsor, and upon completing the review, took the hand of her younger sister, Princess Margaret Rose, and smiled when the "excited youngster plied her with questions.

The King and Queen accompanied their daughters when they "stepped out from the sovereigns' entrance to the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle.  Princess Elizabeth preceded her father, and stood at attention as the National anthem was played.

She "moved slowly and with dignity" as she inspected the three lines of her regiment.   She also spoke to the men of the Grenadier Guards Comrades Association, all of whom are veterans from earlier wars.

The princess also posed for photos with the Guards.   Even after the official review was completed, Princess Elizabeth's duties were not over.  She gave a party for the men following the parade.

The King and Queen and the two princesses later paid a "surprise visit" to the sergeants' mess where a dance was taking place.   Rather than spoil the young men's fun, the royal family "joined in the dancing.

Princess Elizabeth  "received a 'bumper crop of birthday mail" from all parts of the empire.  She received numerous presents from member of her family, including  her grandmother, Queen Mary.    A congratulatory telegram was sent from her uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, who is now on a military tour of the Middle East.

Duke of Connaught improving

April 21, 1937

The Duke of Connaught, great-uncle of King George VI, remains confined to his bed in his hotel at Bournemouth "with a muscular weakness of the leg," reports the New York Times.

The 86-year-old Duke, the seventh child of the late Queen Victoria, is reported "officially to be making good progress."

Due to his "delicate state of health," the Duke is unlikely to attend the Coronation next month.

Little Princess gets a rocking horse for birthday

April 21, 1927

Princess Elizabeth of York celebrated her first birthday today in the nursery at Windsor Castle, reports the Associated Press.  She received numerous gifts, including a "dapple gray rocking horse and a talking doll."  The latter two gifts were presents from the princess's paternal grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary.

Other gifts came from "various parts" of the world.  The princess' parents, the Duke and Duchess of York sent "radio greetings" from Australia, where they are on an official visit.

The Prince of Wales also sent a present.  He is visiting Spain at the moment.

Princess Elizabeth's birthday party took play in the nursery with her aunt, Princess Mary, Viscountess Lascelles, in charge.  The King and Queen are Wales, where they opened a national museum at Cardiff.

The three-layer cake had plain white iceing and a "long candle of blue," the Duchess of York's favorite color.  The guests included the Hon. George and the Hon. Gerald Lascelles, Princess Mary's two sons, and Alexander Ramsey, the son of Lady Patricia Ramsay, formerly Princess Patricia of Connaught.

Frederik IX new king of Denmark

April 20, 1947

all images Marlene A. Eilers Koenig

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has succeeded his father, King Christian X, who died earlier today.  He will be styled as King Frederik IX.

The new king is married to Princess Ingrid of Sweden.  They have three daughters, Princess Margrethe (1940), Princess Benedikte (1944) and Princess Anne-Marie (1946).

Women are unable to suceed to the throne.  The new King's heir presumptive is his younger brother, Prince Knud, who is married to Princess Caroline Mathilde of Denmark.  They have three children, as well,  Princess Elisabeth (1933), Prince Ingolf (1940)  and Prince Christian (1945).

Prince Ingolf

Prince Knud and Princess Caroline Mathilde with Prince Ingolf, Princess Elisabeth and Prince Christian

Prince Ingolf is now second in line to the throne.

If the new King and Queen do not have further issue, the succession will pass to his brother and his eldest son.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

King Christian IX dead; Elder son Frederik succeeds

April 20, 1947

all images  Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

King Christian X of Denmark died today at Amalienborg Palace.  He was 76 years old.

The new king is Christian's elder son, Crown Prince Frederik, who succeeds as Frederik IX.

The eldest son of King Frederik VIII and Princess Louise of Sweden, King Christian was born on September 26, 1870 at Charlottenlund Palace.  He succeeded his father on May 14, 1912.

Christian married Duchess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin at Cannes on April 26, 1898.   They had two sons,  Frederik (1899) and Prince Knud (1900)

The king is survived by his widow, Queen Alexandrine, his two sons, and six grandchildren:  Princess Margrethe, Princess Benedikte and Princess Anne-Marie (daughters of King Frederik IX)  and Princess Elisabeth, Prince Ingolf and Prince Christian (children of Prince Knud)